ADAPT-Builder™ and Revit® Structure 2009 Integration.

14 10 2008

A breakthrough in concrete slab and foundation design.

The ADAPT-Builder suite of programs was developed from the ground up using ADAPT-BIM technology – an approach that allows structural engineers to explicitly model structural components, including rebar and tendons, as fully editable objects. These structural components understand their physical and analytical relationship to each other and together represent the basis of a design model in ADAPT.

Now you can use the 3D building model you create in Revit Structure to automatically create your detailed design model in the ADAPT-Builder suite. Full bidirectional integration virtually eliminates the need to re-model your slabs and foundation systems in ADAPT.

The integration offers unparalleled ease-of-use by directly transferring model information from Revit Structure to ADAPT at the basic physical model level, eliminating the need to create and fine-tune a separate analytical model in Revit Structure. That saves you hours in redundant model manipulation, data entry and dramatically reduces coordination errors.

Carry out your detailed slab and foundation system design using our powerful 3D finite element analysis engines (ADAPT-Floor Pro and MAT) that automatically create analytical models from your imported Revit Structure model. Once designed, optimize the quantity and layout of your reinforcement using our Advanced Rebar Design (DRD)™ capabilities.

Complete and document your project by automatically transferring all design information including reinforcement bars and post-tensioning to Revit Structure. Repeat the cycle to quickly carry out what-if scenarios or make design changes by simply updating your ADAPT-Builder model with changes you make in your central Revit Structure Model.

Working together, Revit Structure and the ADAPT-Builder suite of programs offer structural engineers the most integrated and efficient design process for reinforced concrete and post-tensioned slab and foundation systems using BIM technology.

The workflow below shows transfer of relevant project parameters, geometry of structural concrete components, and loading information to ADAPT-Builder for analysis and design. Design changes and reinforcement bars are transferred back to the central building model in Revit Structure to complete the design process.




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