I’m moving to a new site…

22 11 2009

This will be my last post on this site… I’m now moving my blog posts over to my website for RTV Tools, a software company specialising in development of innovative automation plug-ins for Autodesk Revit, at www.rtvtools.com

Thank you all for following me over the years, I hope you will continue to follow my posts from my companies website.

Kind regards,

Jason Howden
aka theBIMman

AU2009 – Handouts posted

20 11 2009

With AU 2009 just over 1 week away now – yes! – you are now able to download the handouts via the AU website – definitely worthwhile checking out.

For details on my class – click here:

The Future of CAD with the World of BIM

4 11 2009

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is changing the world and has also created a burden for manufacturers to supply data to the architects in a different format…read more