Archaus Architects “On Top, Down Under”

2 04 2009

Find out why AutoDesk think Archaus Architects are “On Top, Down Under”… Click here to review the Autodesk press release

Wellington Architecture Company Reaps Results with Autodesk….

3 03 2009

ArcHaus Reaps Results with Autodesk
The integration of Autodesk Revit Architecture and Autodesk 3ds Max improves workflows and rendering to deliver sophisticated visualisations, true BIM collaboration and client inspiration. Click here to review PDF…

Another good CAD Blog… CADUZER

8 01 2009


I came across the CADUZER blog while “surfing” over the Xmas/New Year break – it’s definately worth checking out…

Check it out here….

Neat 3DS Max “Trick” for removing detail from the Camera View.

2 10 2008

While surfing the web i came across a post about a really cool trick from Brandon Davis to remove extra and unwanted detail from the 3DS Max camera view. The original post i found can be viewed here:

His trick was a method to automatically remove everything not in the camera’s view. Here’s how”
1. Create a Camera
2. In the Top Viewport, draw a trapezoid to match the cone of the camera. Call this object VolumeSelectObject
3. Extrude the Trapezoid to match the cone of the camera in the Front/Left viewport.
4. Use Vertex editing so you have an close match of the proportions of the camera cone.
5. Link the VolumeSelectObject to the camera.
6. Apply a Volume Select Modifier to the scene geometry.
7. In the Volume Select Modifier select vertices based on the Volume Select Object.
8. Invert the selection
9. Add a Delete Mesh modifier to the selection.

Now wherever the Camera travels in an animation, the Delete Mesh will be applied directly to everything unseen by the camera.

You can use the same idea to APPLY a Subdivide Modifier to ADD detail, rather than remove it. You can make a second volume select object that doesn’t extend as far from the camera to control the range for the extra detail. This allows anything close to the camera to have additional tessellation.

3DS Max and Rendering

29 09 2008

I came across the following two blogs on 3DS Max and Rendering, both are very good and the authors share loads of useful tips and tricks, if you’re interested in getting started with 3DS Max and Architectural Visualization you should check out them out…

3DSMax Rendering (Vray and MentalRay)


Roger Cusson

3ds Max Design 2009: ProMaterials Part 2: Multi/Sub-Object

21 09 2008

Vodpod videos no longer available.

3ds Max Design 2009: ProMaterials Part I

21 09 2008

Vodpod videos no longer available.