Revit Architecture 2009 – Pantone “Huw” Bug

23 09 2008

Recently we have been having some trouble with our keyboards locking up, especially when using Revit Architecture 2009.

Our Setup

We are using HP xw4X00 workstation class PC’s with Windows XP Pro, Autodesk Revit Architecture Series 2009 (web update 1), MS Office Pro etc, standard Architectural office configuration.

The History

One of the Architects in our office had been complaining about a problem with his keyboard for sometime, after trying to resolve the problem internally we called in the ‘big guns’ – our IT Support/Autodesk Reseller to look into the problem. At first it was thought it could be hardware (memory) related and then it was thought to be viral but as each theory was tested and “fixed” the problem still appeared….. argghhh

Until today when one of our Technicians in the office replicated the error on his PC (locked up keyboard), now I was sure it had to be related to Revit Architecture 2009 as his PC had showed no earlier signs of “glitches” to date….

The “Bug”

The bug appears when you access the Pantone colour palette in Revit Architecture 2009 (Series), try it out for yourself…. Follow the below steps:

1. Make sure you have at least two applications open i.e. Revit Architecture 2009 and Outlook or Word.

2. Start a new Project file in Revit (an existing one will do the same thing but it’s safer with a new file so you don’t loose any “real” work) and create a new Filled Region on a View.

Edit the Properties of the Filled Region you have just created and change it’s default colour to be a new Pantone Colour (any colour will do).

Click OK to accept the new Filled Region.

**** Bang****

3. You should now have noticed that Revit has disappeared into the “background” and that your other open Application is now in the “foreground” – but the most frustrating thing we are finding, is that our keyboards at this point are “frozen up” or “locked out”.

To date the only fix we have been able to find to the above “Bug” is to exit Revit by way of using the Windows Task Manager to switch back to Revit and close out, this restores the keyboard to “normal mode” and is fully functioning again.

If anyone has any suggestions around the above problem (other than not using Pantone Colours) or has experienced the same problem can you please post a reply.